Powers of Attorney

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A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint one or more people to act on your behalf just in case there comes a time when you are unable to sign things by yourself or look after your own affairs.  There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney – one to deal with Property matters and another to deal with Health and Welfare issues. In many ways it is just as important to have a Lasting Power of Attorney as it is to have a will.


Why make a lasting Power of Attorney now?


      - You need to draw up a Power of Attorney while you are fit and well. Many people think that as they are currently in good health they do not need to take action but incapacity can strike anyone at any age without warning

      - If you lose capacity to manage your affairs yourself (such as through accident or illness) no-one can automatically deal with your assets for you unless you have the correct type of Power of Attorney

       - If you do lose capacity and have no Attorney appointed to deal with your property and affairs someone will have to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a deputy – this can be a time consuming and expensive process

       - The fees charged to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney are likely to be substantially lower than the fees involved in making an application for a deputy to be appointed 

       - If you have a Lasting Power of Attorney and illness or incapacity strikes unexpectedly the Lasting Power of Attorney can be activated with a minimum of delay

      - If you make a lasting Power of Attorney you choose the person or persons who will act on your behalf – if an application has to be made to appoint a deputy someone who you would not have chosen may be appointed



We can also assist with general Powers of Attorney if required


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