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One of the most important things that you can do to protect your family’s future is to have your Will prepared professionally. Unfortunately many people put this vital matter off and in too many cases loved ones are left trying to pick up the pieces at a time when they are already struggling to cope with feelings of grief and loss.


Don’t put matters off any longer. Act now and give yourself the peace of mind that you have set matters straight to protect your family and also make sure that the people that you want to benefit from your estate actually do.


Even if you have already made a will are you sure that it does not need to be reviewed? Circumstances change and you do need to make sure that your will is kept up to date in line with your needs. If you are not sure we will be happy to carry out a free no obligation review of your existing will.


 The majority of the adult population of England and Wales either do not have a Will at all or have failed to keep an existing Will up to date. Many people put off making a will but this can cause significant cost and anguish to those you leave behind. Without a will the law decides who benefits from your estate and how much they receive. This can give rise to some unexpected and nasty results. For example:-


  • ·         It is a common misconception that if you are married or in a civil partnership your whole estate will pass automatically to your spouse even if you have not made a will. This is entirely incorrect. There are strict financial limits on how much will pass to a surviving spouse. In the worst case a surviving spouse could even be forced to sell the family home because of this.


  • ·         If you are unmarried or not in a civil partnership your partner will be entitled to nothing under the rules that apply if you die without a valid will. A partner may be able to make a legal claim against the estate but this gives no guarantee of success and will cause extreme stress and anxiety, not to mention high costs for all involved.


  • ·         If you do not appoint competent executors you estate may be mismanaged. You want to make sure that your estate fully benefits your chosen beneficiaries. Making a will and choosing executors who you can be confident will deal with matters professionally avoids the lottery of the law deciding who administers your estate.


  • ·         If you have previously made a will and then get married or enter a civil partnership your old will may well be automatically cancelled. You may therefore end up having no will by accident with all the unintended and undesirable results that this can produce.


  • ·   If you have a professionally drawn will you can often mitigate tax charges and legal costs that may otherwise become payable.


If you do not make a will there can be no bequests to friend or charities. You have no say in appointing guardians for your children and have no guaranteed means of giving funeral instructions. Moreover is it not better for those you leave behind to know that you wanted them to benefit from your estate rather than leaving it for the law to decide?


You will feel better if you have made a will and made your own choices at to how your estate is dealt with and by whom.





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